Why you should join us as an independent recruiter

Our independent recruiters enjoy excellent commission pay, working on job reqs that are typically exclusive to us. For our top performers, we also assign exclusive openings to you! Get partial payment within 35 days. And best of all, the jobs that we assign are active and fully qualified… wasting time is not our motto. We’re crowdsourcing at its best. Try us.


Invite Only

To be a part of our panel, you must receive an invite to join. We will fully screen and validate your experience. In return, you get invites to work on exclusive openings.


Retained Searches

All of our job orders are retained searches. So the reqs you receive will be fully qualified, real and ready to hire. Stop wasting time working on unqualified reqs. Our hiring managers are ready to make offers.


Who We Hire

We seek technical, healthcare and general recruiters at the top of their games. If you own your own business and want to expand, we would make a great pairing.