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$500 Referral Fees
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In order to receive your referral fee, you must first submit your referral to info@cipherstaff.com for a specific job req.  You will receive a confirmation from our recruiters on whether or not we have spoken to your referral already for that particular position.  If we have not spoken to them and the person is qualified, we will screen and submit applicant to our client.  If placed and the referral stays at least 30 days from initial start date, you will receive your referral fee.

Job Hunting Tips

It is very important that you should use a tag line with your name when posting on Job Boards. For example, you can say my name is John Doe – Technical Writer.

This will get you more notice from recruiters.

You should post on as many job boards as possible.  Employers do NOT all use the same job boards… some may not even post on a job board and just post on their company website or give the position directly to a staffing agency to deal with it.
When you apply for a job or submit your resume to a recruiter, most of the time the recruiter will send your information to an ATS.  The ATS will scan and input your info into a searchable database.  So if your resume is heavily formatted or does not include your contact info, you may never be reached by that firm!
The more info you provide about your yourself, the better job results you will get.  There is no point in receiving a job inquiry that pays well above your experience level.
You should have a roledex full of recruiters!  The more contacts you have, the more opportunities will present itself to you.  It’s a good idea to send the recruiters your resume once a year, updating them with your current skill sets and desired pay range.  You never know when that dream job could be just around the corner.
If a recruiter makes contact with you, try to call them back ASAP!  We typically only send the first few qualified job applicants that called us back first.  Beat your competition to the punch.