Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions/contract for employer recruiting and staffing services:

THIS ONLINE AGREEMENT is entered on date of purchase between Client, as listed under “Client contact name and company” and Company, dba CipherStaff, hereinafter Recruiter/Agency.

1. Intent of Agreement

Recruiter/Agency is authorized to work on personnel requisitions received from Client’s recruiters, HR representatives and/or hiring managers. All resumes must be submitted to a Client Recruiter or main point of contact for tracking purposes. All resumes submitted shall be for a specific personnel job order/requisition or proposal.

All resumes received from Recruiter/Agency will remain active for a period of one year from initial submittal date of resume. If client hires applicant during this period, full placement fee applies.

2. Direct Placement Terms

Client shall pay Recruiter/Agency a direct placement fee based on the following percentage for any candidate hired by Client as a result of Recruiter/Agency services in conformance with this Agreement: 9% of base salary and/or $10,000 per placement, whichever is less. Total fee due shall not exceed $10,000. Said amount shall be paid in two equal monthly installments, with first payment due within 30 days of initial start of candidate and final payment due within 60 days of initial start date. If candidate leaves employment with client for any reason within 30 days of the date of initial employment, no direct placement fee is due to recruiter/agency. If candidate leaves employment with client between 31-60 days, remainder of fee due would be prorated, based on number of days employed with client.

If client hires an hourly paid employee directly, conversion rate shall be at 1.8 For example, if employee will receive $30 hour, we will multiply that rate by 1.8 to get 54 x 1000, which is converted to $54,000. Direct placement fee would be based on converted salary figure.

Client agrees to pay Recruiter/Agency an additional retainer fee of $200 for each new job order/requisition. Retainer fee is due immediately. If no candidate(s) are interviewed by client, either by phone or face to face interview, the retainer fee shall be refunded immediately. A retained search is good for up to 30 days or until position is filled, whichever comes first. After 30 days, a new retainer fee must be paid to continue search. If candidate is placed, the $200 retainer is refunded from Direct Placement fee.

From time to time, client may engage recruiter/agency in search for resumes on proposal work. This service shall only be available to member clients. As per Section 1, if candidate is employed by client within one year of initial resume submittal, recruiter/agency is due the direct placement fee, with terms as stated above. Resumes submitted to client may not be forwarded to other teaming members or other business entity or persons without written consent from recruiter/agency. If candidate is hired by other teaming members or business entity or persons, client is responsible for placement fee.

Client agree’s that in order to receive above Direct Placement fee, all orders sent to Cipherstaff is an exclusive arrangement. This means no other staffing or internal recruiters will be working the same job order and the job order has never been worked on prior to submission to Cipherstaff. If this is not an exclusive opening to Cipherstaff, Direct Placement fee will be 10% and/or $12,000 max, whichever is less. Length of exclusivity at minimum must be 5 days from date of original submittal, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

Member client’s shall be able to place job orders without incurring a retainer fee. Fee per resume used in a proposal shall be $300. Full cost is due immediately and is non refundable.

3. Temp, Temp to Perm and contract recruiter services terms.

A separate agreement must be fully executed when selecting any of these services listed in section 3.

4. Termination or Modification

The initial term of this Agreement shall be for one (1) year from the date of initial order checkout. Client and/or Recruiter/Agency shall have the right to terminate or modify this Agreement for cause or convenience upon fifteen (15) days written notice. Any modifications must be in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

5. Confidentiality

Recruiter/Agency agrees to keep confidential any information, knowledge of and data of Client which Recruiter/Agency may receive or develop related to the business activities, processes, methods, inventions, discoveries, and other matters relating to Client’s research development and engineering activities, or trade secrets, source of supply, lists of identities of clients and prospective clients and its planned or contemplated activities or other businesses, technical or financial information. Recruiter/Agency further agrees to return all documents and information to Client at the conclusion of the work. The return of same shall not release Recruiter/Agency from its Agreement to keep such information and knowledge confidential.

6. Disputes and resolution

Client agree’s to settle all court disputes in Fairfax County, Virginia.